Looking for information on other “foreigners” (i.e. non-native Japanese speakers / non-native kanji learners) who have also passed the Nihongo Kentei Japanese language test.

While as of mid September 2021, there are three known holders of the Kanji Kentei (kanken) level 1 test – which are Bret Mayer, John Brobst, and yours truly, despite my efforts, so far I have not been able to find any information on any non-native Japanese speakers / non-native kanji learners who have also been able to pass the Nihongo Kentei level 1 test aside from myself.

Though in a way not as dificult as the Kanken level 1 test, Nihongo Kentei level 1 is indeed not easy to pass, but with determination and effort that is definitely not an impossible thing to do.

So, if you’ve passed it yourself or are familiar with anyone who has, I would appreciate if you let me know in the comment section.

PS: this is for personal research purposes.